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Keychain Mission Rosary
with Multicolor Glass Beads and Metal Case with Cross

Mission Keychain Rosary is made of glass beads in 5 colors, one for each of the five continents. Container is attached to a keyring with a caross stamped on lid.

Keychain Mission Rosary includes:

Small rosary measuring approximately 11" that is made with Czech faceted glass beads in five colors, one for each of the five continents. A small metal crucifix and Sacred Heart centerpiece are attached.

The rosary box is manufactured in the US. It is made of solid hand-stamped brass with an antique silver plate finish. It measures approximately 7/8" wide x 5/8" high and is just the right size to hold the rosary. A raised image of a cross is stamped on lid of box.

Keychain Rosary and box ship in a plastic case with instructions for praying the rosary.

This is a convenient way to have a rosary available for praying for peace and other intentions. By the time you have prayed for each continent, you have prayed for the entire world. An explanation of the colors is included.

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