St. Brigid Gift Set


Saint Brigid gift set.

Packed beautifully ready to give.



  • Brigid and the Butter: A Legend about Saint Brigid of Ireland retold by Pamela Love and illustrated by Apryl Stott. Brigid was a child in Ireland who learned that you don’t need to have much in order to give. In this story children discover how fresh butter and a generous spirit led to Saint Brigid’s very first miracle. Hard cover, 6 ½ x 7 1/8”, 25 pages. Suitable for ages 4-6,
  • Bridie (little Brigid) rag doll from Ireland measuring approximately 12” from head to toe
  • St. Brigid Cross made of rushes in Ireland with explanation; many hang it over a bedroom door.
  • Saint Brigid prayer card (not shown)

Comes with a high quality gift bag, tissue and gift card.


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